Travel to Ca Mau, Discover 9 Must-See Destinations


1. The Cape of Ca Mau: The Cape of Ca Mau is located about 100km from Ca Mau city at Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province. It is the southernmost of Vietnam with its significant role to the country. This is the only place in Vietnam where one can see the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

2. U Minh forest: U Minh forest is adjoining the Gulf of Thailand, widely regarded as the richest region of the Mekong delta with astonishing biological diversity, including more than 250 species of plants and types of birds.

3. Ngoc Hien Bird Sanctuary: The sanctuary has a total area of 130ha, which is one of the largest natural bird sanctuaries in Vietnam, belonging to Tan An commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province. It is surrounded by a network of interlacing canals and habited by thousands of birds and storks thanks to the favorable natural environment. It would be better for visiting the sanctuary in the morning or early evening to enjoy peaceful scenery with the featuring images of flock of birds searching for food or getting back to their nests.

4. Hon Khoai island: This is a stone island located about 14.6 km away to the southwest of Nam Can town, belonging to Ngoc Hien district of Ca Mau province. Hon Khoai island makes an impression in sight of visitors by the large stone blocks, pristine beauty along with many rare types of wood, animal, and plants, and a mesmerizing artless wilderness.

5. Hon Da Bac Island (Silver Stone Island): Covering an area of 6.4ha, and located 50 km from Ca Mau city, Hon Da Bac in Kinh Hon hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district is an attractive place of the Mekong Delta. It is said that the island is formed 180 million years ago with the fascinating scenery and the ideal habitat area of different marine creatures such as nau, chem, bop fish, oysters, clams, etc.

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6. Khai Long Beach: Khai Long beach is a pristine beach with clean ecological environment, covered by sea – mangrove forest ecosystems. It is situated in Khai Long village, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, covering an area of 230ha with the 4km long golden sandy beach. When the tide draws, sand beach is wider to wider to form winding sandy beaches in the shape of wavy, which looks so very beautiful.

7. Tan Hung Temple: This is a historical site built in 1907 where Vietnamese republican soldiers made preparations for the struggle against French in the past.

8. Strawberry Garden of Cai Tau: The park is the home of thousands of shrubbery, located in the Nguyen Phich commune, U Minh district. To have the best exploring, you should move by the dinghy so you are easy to wriggle through the small canals and free to admire the peaceful scenery as well as enjoy sweet strawberries.

9. Trem River: Trem river is 42km long, running from Kien Giang province to the junction Cai Tau, Ca Mau. It owns the exotic beauty because the flow of water changes into the season, for example, in the rainy season is red color, while in the dry season is milky color. The sceneries around are also very beautiful in each season.

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The Interesting Hon Seo (Seo Island) in Quy Nhon


 Hon Seo (Seo Island)  is one of the six beautiful beaches with the pristine and attractive environment of Nhon Ly Commune (Quy Nhon).

According to the old books and documents of Maritime industry, Nghiem Kinh Chieu Island is a cluster of islands including 8 islets and 2 adjacent large islands, with an area of over 1km2 located in Ly Nhon commune waters.

Perhaps, the ancients based on natural conditions and geographical position to name this islands cluster Nghiem Kinh Chieu (monk Thich Dong Tin, Sa Phuoc Pagoda, Nhon Ly commune, roughly translated: Standing in flowing ocean currents). In Nghiem Kinh Chieu Islands Cluster, there are two largest islands of nearly 90 meters high, they are known as Hon Seo.

Seo Island is located near the village of Ly Chanh (Xuong Ly – Vung Nom), over 3km from Cam mountain through the strait, 6km from the coast and it takes about 30-50 minutes traveling by motorboat to reach. Seen from the South, Hon Seo is like a giant crenolanib emerging on the water, swimming straight ahead. So far, Hon Seo has been an unspoiled oasis with only weeds, rocks and been the habitat of many seabirds.

From the position of Seo Island, looking around 8-10 knots to the east and southeast, we can clearly see Hon Co on the left and Hon Can Islands Cluster on the. All the three islands of Seo – Co – Can are the peaks forming the “triangle of islands” in the sea of Nhon Ly.

In particular, Hon Can cluster consists of 5 large and small islands, Hon Ong Can is the largest island and is the A9 point in the 12 points to determine the “baseline” (boundary between the inner territorial sea and the outside of the internal waters, as the basis to determine the scope of the waters under the national sovereignty and jurisdiction).

About the name of Seo Island, the local seniors explain that, according to the legend, on Nghiem Kinh Chieu Island, there was a huge cave which could accommodate more than a hundred people to shelter. Suddenly one night, the sea and the sky moved intensely, there were billows, strong winds and pouring rain; people saw a lightning flash slashing the night sky, then they heard the thunder and the sound of rocks collapsing into the sea. Several days later, when the sun and the sea were calm, people went fishing in the sea and discovered that a large cave on the island had been disappeared, there was only a cobblestone background. The walls of the cave had created two separated large and small islands.

People found that on the large islands on the southwest side (the largest island here), the cliff was originally the wall of the caves, and was steep like a “cut” straightly from the top down to the water… Since then , locals called the two islands Seo Island.

Thanks to the location on the coastal ocean currents (as the name Nghiem Kinh Chieu) which flows from De Gi – Nui Ba (Phu Cat district) down to the south in the winter (the season of north- easterly wind); and flows from Xuan Dai Bay – Co Ngua Mountains (Song Cau, Phu Yen Province) upstream to the north in the summer (the season of south wind) of Hon Seo, there always occur underground whirlpools creating waters of 15-20m deep. This also creates multiple layers of beautiful coral reefs various in colors and shapes on the seabed.

It is the impact of natural factors that Seo Island owns diverse marine ecosystems, is the shelter and habitat for aquatic species, such as abalone, sea cucumbers, lobsters, snails, moon snail, skull pinch, black pinch (urchin) and a variety of famously delicious fish such as mackerel, fish eel… This is where local fishermen often come to catch fish to supply all kinds of fresh seafood for the restaurants to serve tourists going to visit and enjoy the special dishes of Nhon Ly sea.

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Top 4 The Most Beautiful Homestays in Sapa, Vietnam


 Sali House

Just 20 minutes by car from Sapa, located at the end of Ta Van village, Sali House owns a lovely name which is so easy to remember . At any location of homestay, you can also enjoy the view of green nature. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for any guest staying here.

Staying at Sali House, you will enjoy the freshest nature ever. You can explore the ancient rock field dating back over 2,500 years ago, discovered in 1923by the French-born Russian scientist Victor Goloubev. A 10 minute walk from Sali House is a small stream of clear water. And yet, try to conquer the nearby hills to go to Giang Ta Chai village, go to the Cloud bridge, learn more about the life of the local people, or enjoy Sapa’s delicious specialties like Thang Co, chicken hot pot, three-colour sticky rice … After a day discovering, you can enjoy a relaxing foot massage service by the local ethnic people.

Many people who come to Sali House simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so do not be surprised if someone stay here all week without being bored. They just need a cool, airy, comfortable and quiet place to read book. Every day, they can buy food at the market, cook it themselves and enjoy in the cool air of Sapa, it’s enough for a trip.

Phori’s House is a beautiful little house located in Ta Van village, about 10 km from Sapa town. In front of the house there is a small stream, on the days with good weather, you can go to the stream, sit on a large rock to read books. In the afternoon, you can hike a little higher up, sit down on a terraced rice field and look down the immense terraced fields below, watching the smoke … such a sense of peace that cannot be expressed in words.

Room rate is about $ 30 / night / room for 2 people. Additional 3rd person will be surcharged 10 USD / person. The whole house can accommodate 14 people with enough good mattress and pillow for all, price is $ 120 per day for the whole homestay. In particular, the price remains the same even in Tet – New Year Day and holidays.

In addition, the plus point that makes Phorri’s House so famous in Sapa is the kitchen for those who like cooking. You can go to the market, use cloth bags available in the kitchen to go buy food. Vegetables are available in the garden. There are many drinks like wine, tea and coffee. There is hot water in the bathroom and warm blanket from Germany for the snowy season … All these things will bring you a peaceful holiday in Sapa.

The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The Haven is located on the way to Cat Cat village, about 2km from the center so it is very convenient if you want to walk to the town. The atmosphere is very fresh and close to nature, promising to bring visitors a very different and interesting experience in Sapa. 

Located on the Vong Canh hill, from here you can enjoy panoramic view of Sapa with beautiful view. Especially, from any corner of The Haven, you can also take “super nice” pictures of yourself. The special point here is a nice place to enjoy clouds and beautiful moon. On the moonlit nights, you can watch the shimmering sky and breathe a little cool air of Sapa. 

The Haven has two 30-bed collective dorms that are well suited for backpackers, travellers or groups of staff in a company to make team-building events. Room rates are around 150,000 VND (6 USD)/ person / night (breakfast included). In addition, there is also an Outdoor Bar & Camp Site (outdoor bar and camping area); 360 Lounge (bar with 360 ° views on the top of the hill among Muong Hoa valley), Cinema & BBQ Terrace and Haven Restaurant

Eco Palms House

Eco Palms House is located in Lao Chai village with views of Hoang Lien Son and beautiful Muong Hoa valley. Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows, each bungalow is designed as a typical house of ethnic minorities living in Sapa including Mong, Dao Do, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho. 

The bungalows are designed with materials close to nature and eco-friendly like wood, bamboo, leaves … Hence it’s very cool in summer and warm in winter.

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2-Day Itinerary to Travel from Ho Chi Minh to An Giang


 Tra Su cajeput forests, Ta Pa Mountain, Ba Chua Xu Temple … are the destinations for you to visit on the exploration from Ho Chi Minh to An Giang in 2 days 1 night.

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Chau Doc (An Giang)

6 pm: Depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Chau Doc. You can buy bus tickets at the Mien Tay bus station at around USD 6-8/person. Travel time is about 6 hours. If you take the bus, you should consider starting at 21-22h. Thus, you will be in Chau Doc at around 6 am.

If driving a motorcycle, you can depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Chau Doc in 2 directions. — From Highway 1 – My Thuan Bridge – turn right on Highway 80 – Vam Cong ferry – Long Xuyen – Highway 91 – Chau Doc.

– From Highway 1 – Long An – turn right on highway 62 – Moc Hoa – Chau Doc.

The schedule of 2 days 1 night in the article is based on an itinerary for motorcycle.

7:30 am: Stop at Tien Giang city, eating My Tho rice noodles.

8 am: Continue to Chau Doc.

12pm: Lunch.

13:30 pm: Arrive in Chau Doc, get a hotel room.

14.30 pm: depart for Binh Thien Lake – about 30 km from Chau Doc. Boat rental price to discovery is USD 5 – 8/ride depending on the number of people. Time for you to explore it is about an hour. From Sep to Nov, the lake is wonderful with colourful flowers of lotus and many other kinds of water flowers.

16h: Discover Cham’s cathedral nearby. Do not forget to buy and enjoy the snacks selling by local people in front of their house.

17 pm: Drive to Sam Mountain. Enjoy the sunset on the mountain and watch Chau Doc from above.

18h30 pm: go down the mountain, visit Ba Chua Xu temple and admire the scenery. In addition to Ba Chua Xu temple visiting, you can also visit many other temples in the foothills of like Tay An ancient temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb …

19h30: Dinner with dishes such as crab vermicelli, soy milk at the night market near the temple or go to the local restaurants in Chau Doc, where famous for beef hotpot and renowned beef porridge.

20h30 pm: drive around and see the nightlife in Chau Doc.

Day 2: Tra Su cajeput forest –That Son – Ta Pa – Ho Chi Minh City

6 am: Depart for Tra Su cajeput forests. It’s about USD 2.5/person including entrance fee and boat rental. Each boat can carry 4 people. In the mangroves forest, you can admire the beautiful natural painting with green water-fern, birdsong…

9am: Visit Cam Mountain (Forbidden Mountain). Admission fee is USD 1/per person. An important note is: it is difficult to go up the mountain. To be safe, you should hire a motorbike-taxi (USD 3-4/ per person for two-way ride). On the mountain, you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery of big old trees, waterfalls, lakes and views from above.

12pm: Lunch.

13h: Leave the Forbidden Mountain to Mount Ta Pa. From atop the hill, you will see the field with towering palm trees in the blue sky.

14h: Leaving Ta Pa and depart for Ho Chi Minh City. End of the discovery to Chau Doc – Binh Thien (An Giang) for 2 days and 1 night.

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Top 9 Destinations for Your Trip to Can Tho, Vietnam


 Being the center of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho tourism brings you a unique and interesting experience of the life along the Mekong.

1. Cai Rang Floating Market

Regarding to Can Tho, it is sure that Cai Rang floating market is well known. This is almost a must-see when traveling to Can Tho. Floating market is a typical culture of people in the South West that you can hardly find in other localities. Especially Cai Rang floating market is one of the five largest floating markets in the Mekong Delta. 

You should visit it in the morning – the time when the market is active and crowded. All the shopping and dining activities are held on the river, and you will definitely enjoy the experience here.

2. Can Tho Bridge

Can Tho Bridge is a bridge across Hau River, connecting Can Tho City and Vinh Long Province. Completed in 2010, this is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia: 550m long. Total length of the whole route is 15.85km and width is 23.1m. 

On the weekends or holidays, the Can Tho Bridge is lit by thousands of colorful bulbs that make the Hau River glitterig. At Ninh Kieu wharf, there is a boat service to take you out to the middle of the river to see the beautiful Can Tho Bridge at night.

3. Binh Thuy ancient house

The ancient house of Binh Thuy in Can Tho city is a wooden house with two roofs, built by the Duong family in 1870. The house is designed in French style from the outside but traditional style inside with Vietnamese decorations.

The items in the house are made of rare and exquisite carved wood, associated with activities in the south-western wetland. Moreover, this place has preserved many valuable antiques for more than 140 years.

4. Ninh Kieu wharf

If the capital is proud of One Pillar Pagoda, Sowrd Lake and Turtle Tower, Hue has a tomb system, Can Tho people are proud of Ninh Kieu wharf. Ninh Kieu wharf is now called Ninh Kieu Park by the locals. It is not only a waterfront but also a place of tourism and culture. 

Ninh Kieu Wharf, overlooking the Hau Giang red river, is located in the prime location, interference on the right bank of the Hau River, at the confluence of Hau River and Can Tho River. The area of Ninh Kieu wharf now has a night market and a lot of restaurants and eateries for you to enjoy exploring Mekong Delta nightlife.

5. Love Bridge

Although newly opened, the Love Bridge in Ninh Kieu wharf connects Cai Khe Islet attracts many visitors to admire. The pedestrian bridge is located in a nice place: between the Hau River junction, standing on the bridge can look quite clearly Can Tho Bridge, Au islet and almost panoramic Ninh Kieu wharf. 

In addition, in the afternoon, the pedestrian bridge is a familiar place for travelers to Can Tho and people in the city.

6. Can Tho Sea

Can Tho Sea is a man-made beach, about 400 meters bank of the river was filled by more than 1 million cubic meters of sand to make a beach without mud. From the sea, visitors can see Can Tho bridge at a close distance. Here there are attractive water games such as water motor, kayak, banana float … 

The cafés along the beach displaying chairs along the beach are covered by coconut trees with wide, close and cool shade. The right time to come here is in the afternoon, because the weather is cool, mild, very suitable for enjoying the atmosphere and landscape.

7. Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery

Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery is located in My Nhon hamlet, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district. It is the largest monastery in the Southwest. The main hall is of the Tran dynasty’s style roof. Drum and bell tower was built in the style of Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh province. 

Inside the main hall, in the middle is a 300-ton bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni carved in a sitting posture and holding a flower, the two sides are the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra and Bodhisattva Manjushri which are very lively and delicate. .

8. My Khanh orchard

From Can Tho city, follow Nguyen Van Cu road to Soc Trang direction, you will find My Khanh garden – a famous garden in the South. With over 20 kinds of trees planted along the path such as: plum, mango, rambutan, jackfruit, berry, durian … The trees are always fresh, fruitful, with unique taste, will bring you a relaxing and gentle feeling. 

Especially, there are many interesting folk games such as: pig racing, dog racing, monkey circus, crocodile hunting … suitable for groups of friends or family to relax over the weekend.

9. Noodle house 

From the city about 4 km along the direction of Cai Rang, to the foot of Rau Lam bridge, you can turn right along the asphalt road about 500m to the house of Mr. Sau Hoai. This is a famous place for domestic and international tourists because he combines doing business in gardening, processing noodle, eco-tourism and culinary tourism. Visitors will visit the traditional noodle production facilities (flour milling, baking, drying, spinning, wrapping), fruit orchards and enjoy dishes prepared from noodle products such as: pork noodle soup with pork bone, fried noodles, crispy fried noodles, coconut milk.

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Hue Tourist Attractions Places of Interest


 Almost all tourists to a romantic and poetic Hue are unintentionally mesmerized by the picturesque beauty of 5 following destinations. This charming land definitely enables you to indulge yourself into “Hue” scenery.

The poetic Huong River

The characteristic feature of Hue, Huong River, is gentle and calm as the life of the local residents. Perhaps, the flow of time can’t help falling in love with this alluring river, it seems to be quieter. The small boats on Huong River take tourists to rustic and beautiful villages and the “picturesque” Vi Da hamlet that was impressively depicted in one of the most famous poem of the former talented poet, Han Mac Tu, named “Day thon Vi Da”. The peal of bells of Thien Mu Pagoda clanging amid the cloud smoke rising from houses of locals at sunset draw a stunning water painting.

The ancient imperial city – Hue Citadel

The Citadel Complex of Hue, set up under Nguyen Dynasty, is now a relic of Hue ancient Capital and recognized as the World Cultural Heritage. This historical place is featured by the “wonderful” combination of both Western and Eastern architecture, the harmony of modern and classical design. Visiting Hue Citadel, visitors probably access to an essential historic site that they often learn through the historical documents. During the daytime, the Citedal looks solemn and ancient due to the presence of vestiges of time. At night, however, it turns into a new appearance, shimmering and sparkling. These defining characteristics definitely fascinate its visitors.

Lang Co Beach – A charming attraction

Talking about attractive beaches, which highly impresses tourists by the poetic but lively beauty, Lang Co is definitely worth mentioning. Hiding at the foot of Hai Van Pass, Lang Co beach enables tourists to hold a panoramic view of the immense nature, then, feel safe and peaceful amid that majestic scenery. Moreover, get there, tourists have chances to indulge themselves into the pristine blue water, smooth white sand, open blue sky, and even the friendliness and hospitability of the fishermen.

The poetic Tam Giang Lagoon

Tourists have been intimately familiar to Tam Giang Lagoon, which intentionally makes them regretful for not visiting sooner. Featured by the vast lagoon of water and shrimp farming fields of all shapes and sizes, it promises to fascinate visitors for the first time they get there. Moreover, the sun colors this lagoon orange. It is such an ideal activity to greet the sunrise in Tam Giang lagoon in the early morning because you probably have “crush” on this ‘’picturesque” lagoon at that moment.

The majestic Hai Van Pass

One of the important contributive factors that feature the romantic beauty of Hue is Hai Van Pass. Traveling on this spectacular pass, you can see winding roads surrounded by the immense blue sky, massive mountains, and blanket of thick smog. They promise to be unforgettable experiences during your trip to this the “poetic” Hue city.

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Lepont Bungalow – The Straw Hostel in Cat Ba Island


As one of the most impressive hostel in Cat Ba, LePont Bungalow hostel is truly a great stop when you visit this paradise island. Situated on an extremely prime location, with 3 faces facing the sea, LePont Bungalow hostel features unique eye-catching bungalows, making it so special to anyone visit the place. 

The room are made mainly from wood, palm leaves – very eye-catching, inside each room is comfortable bed and clean bath room.

Bedding is available in dorm rooms, double rooms share bathrooms. Or if you want more privacy, there are also rooms which can accommodates 4 people, family room with private bathroom, but most special is still the straw bungalow with sea view.

 The advantage of the rooms here is the new look and the frames which are so “deep” for those who like to take pictures. Services in this area are quite diverse as kayak, dinner on the beach by the candlelight. Currently, this is one of the hot spots in Cat Ba, so if you want to stay please book early, even before a month to avoid fully booked.

The hostel also has a common area, with lots of entertainment that you can enjoy for free with everyone. Here, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with a lot of international friends, improve communication skills, as well as find new companions during the trip to the Cat Ba islands.

 With its open design, LePont Bungalow hostel also has a courtyard with beautiful wooden tables with sea view, where guests can relax and chat. In addition, LePont Bungalow hostel also has a nice and comfortable kitchen, equipped with a BBQ for those who like to have BBQ parties.

Staying here, you will not believe you are in a hostel, LePont Bungalow has the comforts of a standard hotel, you can relax after a hard day in the exciting space.

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