Requirements for Vietnam business visa for Indian citizens

Vietnam business visa has 2 types: a single entry visa and a multiple entry visa. The multiple entry visa is very useful in case Indian citizens want to leave Vietnam to visit Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand and then turn back to Vietnam for flight home. However, both are valid for 3 months and can be extended or renewed after they expire. Application for business visa can be made through the embassy of Vietnam and through travel agents.

Requirements for paper application at embassy
If you travel to Viet Nam for business or to attend conferences, your host organizations/partners/invitees will need to arrange for your visa directly with the Immigration Office of Vietnam by themselves. When the visa is granted, your host will receive an approval letter from the Immigration Office which allows you to collect Vietnam business visa at the embassy in your country before traveling. You can collect the visa by bringing your passport, a completed application form, maybe further supporting documents and a copy of the approval letter to the embassy.

Before submitting the documents, make sure that you are well aware of what Vietnam business visa requirements are for your case. The embassy prefers to provide assistance on case by case. However, to receive the assistance, you have to provide the necessary documents by email in advance. They include copy of valid passport, a completed application form and invitation letter. Then, you will be contacted by embassy staff by email or telephone.

Requirements for visa on arrival application
According to the new changes in issuing Vietnam business visa, it is harder for the Indian applicants to receive the letter of visa approval through travel agents. However, a few travel agents are still able to help you get Vietnam business visa. You can contact to the travel agents you trust to ask for more specific information. Generally, in order to apply for visa approval letter, you still need:

1. Online visa application form

2. Credit/debit card: to make the payment after the application form is well submitted

Normally, visa approval for Indian is ready to go within 2 business days. After getting the letter, you make sure the following documents to be ready for submission at arrival airport:

- Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity prior to date of entry into Vietnam

- 01 recent passport photograph

- Completed entry-exit form (the form is usually provided with the letter)

- Print copy of the approval letter

- Stamping fee (cash only, USD or VND are acceptable): 25$ for single visas, 50$ for multiple visa.

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What to eat in Hanoi in different months?


 If traveling at different times, you will have unique dishes that characterize the weather. The tips about what to eat and drink while traveling Hanoi by month below will help you better know the cuisine of Hanoi at specific time.

What to eat in Hanoi from January to March ?

Pho cuon – roll noodle: Pho cuon Hanoi attracts visitors by minced beef, fried with ginger, garlic; then add some kinds of vegetables such as lectuce, basil, herbs … All wrapped in thin white rice noodle sheets. When eaten, you will feel fragrant fresh smell of rice; dipping with sweet and sour fish sauce with a little cucumber and papaya salad, you will enjoy a unique flavor.

Bun cha: Bun cha is a familiar dish of Hanoi people with its own flavor. A meal consists of a white, soft noodles dish with sweet and sour sauce, served with slices of chopped grilled pork, grille meat balls and a plate of fresh vegetables like lettuce, shiso (beefsteak plant), marjoram, spinach…

Bun thang: Although the food is simple but the ingredients to make a bowl of Hanoi bun thang is very awesome. It is peeled red shrimps, soft crispy salads, crispy salt radishes, chopped chicken broth, thin fried eggs, herbs, mushrooms … mixed with white broth from chicken bone and served with noodles.

Hot sticky rice: sticky is a simple and rustic food of the Hanoians with different types such as sticky rice and green bean, white rice, sticky rice and corn, sticky rice and black bean, sticky rice and chicken, sticky rice and sausage … According to the tips of eating and drinking when traveling Hanoi by month, sticky rice must be wrapped in fresh lotus leaf or banana leaves and eaten when it’ hot.

What to eat in Hanoi from April to June?

Longan and lotus seed sweet soup: this is a famous sweet soup type in Hue, but now it is quite popular in Hanoi. On a summer afternoon, if you eat the bowl of lotus seed with fresh longan fruit, it would be great with sweetness crispy taste mixed with the fragrant lotus and sweet coconut milk.

Mixed fruit: In Hanoi in summer there is nothing more wonderful than to visit To Tich and enjoy a glass of mixed fruit to soothe the sunshine. Mixed fruit in the To Tich street is often put in glass cups including dragon fruit, jackfruit, apples, mangoes, pear, coconut, pulp, longan … accompanied by smooth white yogurt and a small bowl of ice.

Snail noodle: This is a famous dish can not be ignored in the secret of eating when traveling Hanoi by month. When it comes to Hanoi snail noodles, it is impossible not to mention the traditional noodle soup in Hang Chai. A bowl of snail noodles is very attractive looking with red tomatoes, green onion, yellow snails and some tofu fried with fresh vegetables. Depending on the taste, you can add satay, lemon, chili …

La Vong grilled fish: Most foreigners come to Hanoi will enjoy the famous La Vong grilled fish, a famous 130-year-old dish – one of the highlights of Hanoi cuisine. La Vong grilled fish is mainly made from snake-head fish and red tail catfish, so the meat is strong, firm and sweet. When eating, the grilled golden fish is served with noodles, baked bread, herbs and more delicious with shrimp sauce.

What to eat in Hanoi from July to September?

Young rice sweet soup: the young rice sweet soup in Hanoi tastes more attractive than other types of sweet soup. It is made from young green grains, some tapioca flour and sugar. A bowl of young rice sweet soup is green and attractive, soft ad fragrant, especially, there is also a little bit of coconut fibers which look very eye-catching.

Banh cuon nong – hot rolls: Wander around the streets of Hanoi, you will easily find the places selling delicious hot rolls. The filling inside includes lean pork, mushroom; the wrapping is made from rice flour and coated with a layer of aromatic fried onion and fat. Hot rolls are served with golden cinnamon meat rolls and fish sauce.

Duck hot pot: This dish of Ha Noi is widely known by visitors thanks to the unforgettable taste. A delicious duck hot pot consists of duck meat, taro, garlic, onions, dracontomelon fruit, ginger. When eating, you will feel so great with the fatty taste of duck meat, sour crispy crust of the dracontomelon fruit, vermicelli and vegetables.

Hot snail: According to the secret of eating and drinking while traveling in Hanoi, the snail selling on sidewalks is considered to be Hanoi’s famous foods in every autumn. A bowl of hot snail with sweet aroma of lemongrass mixed with fresh lemon leaves and pungent aromas of freshly cut ginger create an attractive flavor that visitors must hold a fat snail and enjoy the characterized sauce right away.

What to eat in Hanoi from October to December?

Bun dau long ran – the famous dish with fried tofu, fried viscera and noodle. Arrive in Hanoi on winter days, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Bun dau long ran in Nguyen Sieu, Nguyen Cau or Thuy Khe. The dish is presented on a banana leaf, consisting of vermicelli, fried viscera, fried tofu, pork, herbs, vegetables… 

Hot cassava sweet soup: In Hanoi, hot cassava sweet soup is only served in cool season and it is best known in Ly Quoc Superior street. Hot cassava sweet soup here is fragrant, sweet, the soup is yellow with cassava pieces cut in square. Because the shop is quite famous, if you want to enjoy it, you should come early.

Duck and bamboo shoot noodle: In the cold winter of Hanoi, a sour and hot duck and bamboo shoots noodle will make you feel warm. This famous dish is also recommended to visitors to feel the culinary characteristics of the land of Hanoi. It is considered delicious when the duck meat is sweet, the noodle is medium cooked, the broth is sweet and fragrant with taste from bones and bamboo shoots. This dish is served with boiled blood, chili paste,…

Crab and beef Hotpot: Crab and beef Hotpot is one of the popular dishes of Northern cuisine, especially in winter Hanoi. The ingredients for making this hot pot dish are well-cooked bones, finely ground crab, thinly sliced beef, broth and served with white or red rice noodles and vegetables.

Hanoi not only has a long history of culture and natural scenery but also attracts visitors with its rich and varied cuisine. The sharing of food and drink while traveling Hanoi by months will be a useful tip to help visitors enjoy Hanoi cuisine.

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Suggestion of 4 Tasty Dishes in Nghia Tan Street,Hanoi


 Nghia Tan Street, “snack paradise” in Hanoi has been locally famous for “fine” cuisine. Talking this amazing place, a series of popular dishes need to be mentioned, including Tao Pho (tofu dessert), Chao Trai (mussel porridge), Banh Gio, Banh My Ap Chao (Vietnamese hamburger), etc.

Mussel Porridge 

During your cuisine exploration in Hanoi, you should drop by the famous mussel porridge on A14 Nghia Tan collective house. This restaurant features the well-cooked, tasteful and fragrant porridge, added much more mussel than others. Noticeably, the mussel is poured into the porridge pot instead of separating from the porride as many restaurants do.

This flavored dish is accompanied by “Quay” (Fried breadsticks) to make it a better taste.Tray This shop is small but always crowded with guests. In addition to mussel porridge, this restaurant offers duck eggs as an accompaniment to warm your stomach. Imagining that, paying less than 1$ and you will have a full belly afterward.

The special Nghia Tan hamburger

A loaf of Nghia Tan hamburger includes a piece of fried pate, an omelette, mashed potatoes, and three to four pieces of grilled pork, accompanied by the wonderful sauce. All of these ingredients are placed in a small hot pan to offer fragrant smell.

Pate is quite soft and fragrant. The sauce is eye-catching with brown, fragrant with butter, the sour with tomatoes and vinegar, and sweet with sugar. This amazing sauce makes the dish more “perfect” that promises to satisfy the appetite for food of the gourmets. However, for those who do not usually eat sour dishes, this sauce is quite sour.

In addition, this dish is served with pickled cucumbers to release the grease of pate and meat. The price of a full portion is 2$.

Dried beef salads

This restaurant is near Nghia Tan street and offers various variations of dried beef salads in Hanoi. It is because it also serves “unique” dishes, namely pig’s ears, Banh Bot Loc (clear dumpling wrapped in banana leaf), and Goi Cuon (spring rolls salads).

A dish of salads is full and served with a small bowl of sauce to give it a better taste. When observing the owner processing this dish, you might unconditionally swallow saliva. Thus, it probably satisfies your appetite for food.

Some guests think that the price of 2$ for a bowl of dried beef salads is quite higher than others. However, if you give it a try, you will see that it deserves your money. You do not only enjoy a tasteful dish but also full your stomach with just a bowl. Additionally, it offers spring rolls at 7,000 VND/piece.

Tung Diep Wonton Spaghetti

Located in A14 Nghia Tan collective house, Tung Diep restaurant is quite small but neatly arranged with plastic furniture. It’s always crowded with guests. Moreover, guests to Tung Diep get used to waiting outside for a short time to be enjoyed a bowl of Wonton. The bowl is quite full with Char Xiu, boiled eggs, ravioli, etc. that definitely full your stomach.

The meat is soft and tasteful while ravioli is fragrant with chilly. The sauce is sweet and flavored of shrimps. In addition, it serves “unique” dried wonton spaghetti priced at 2$. It is totally reasonable to enjoy a tasteful snack. Give it a try!

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Things to see in Vung Tau


 If tourists are wondering what to see in Vung Tau, then explore the experience only in the coastal city below for a fun and the best enjoyable vacation.

Discover the unique Robert Taylor Antiquities Museum

Located at 98 Tran Hung Dao, Robert Taylor’s ancient weapons museum is Vietnam’s largest private weapons museum, designed in the style of a French colonial mansion. The Museum consists of 3 exhibits with more than 2,500 artifacts, of which about 1,500 are artifacts, rifles, German, English, French, Dutch, American, Italian … from 200-300 years ago. From the entrance, visitors will feel overwhelmed with the ancient weapons, armor dating from the Genghis Khan, the Roman Empire, Samurai designed very delicately. The staircase leading up to the medieval area with the military costumes Royal Knights, rifles, guns of the countries Russia, France, Germany, Holland … Finally, the neighborhood showcases the costumes of the Australian Army From infantry, airborne, infantry, and many of the advanced weapons of World War II.

See attractive dog race at Lam Son Stadium

Lam Son Stadium at 15 Le Loi Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau City is the only place in Vietnam to organize dog racing and become a new sports entertainment unique to many visitors in the tour to Vung Tau at the weekend. The stadium has about 5,000 seats, in which the main stand accommodates about 2,000 people and there is a separate area for members, special guests or owners of the participating dogs. In addition, the track is designed around the arc, about 450m long and each round will have eight dogs competing bravely, and on the track will have a rabbit as a prey to the dogs do not lost. In particular, besides watching the attractive racetrack, visitors can participate in legal betting, have fun and have the opportunity to win bonuses.

Check-in at the Up Nguoc House (Upside down house)

At the beginning of February, Upside down House in Ward 4, Vung Tau City has attracted many young people to explore, photographed by extremely weird and strange architecture. Up Nguoc House is a three-storey building consisting of two areas, a sightseeing area and a coffee shop. In the sightseeing area there are 7 rooms, each room is decorated with different colors, especially the interior interior are reversed, making the visitors feel like walking on the highway or into a space station. In addition, the Up Nguoc House has all the necessary space such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet … and the hanging furniture is fastened to the floor with nails, glue, guests can visit and take interesting photos.

Visit the unspoilt Dinh Co beach

Located more than 20km from the center of Vung Tau, the Dinh Co beach of Long Hai town, Long Dien district attracts visitors with pristine beauty, fine white sand and long coastline, suitable for fun activities. , relaxing weekend. Coming to Dinh Co beach, visitors will have the right answer to the question of tourism Vung Tau has nothing to play here because there are many interesting fun activities. It is easy to bathe in the cool blue waters, organize team building, play the sport or visit the famous Dinh Co temple on the side of the hill. Besides, the Dinh Co beach is also a place to watch beautiful sunset with far-flung high-rise buildings and pictures mountains majestic. Here, visitors also enjoy the delicious seafood barbecue for only 35 – 50,000 VND (1.5 – 2 USD)/ box and can buy a variety of fresh seafood caught by fishermen at sea.

Eat the banh khot

For a long time, banh khot has become one of the delicious and attractive dishes of Vung Tau; The most famous of them is the banh khot at Goc Vu Sua. It is near the end of Nguyen Truong To Street, only served on Saturday, Sunday and holidays but always crowded guests from early morning until late in the evening. The cake here is small, round, opaque; big shrimp, solid meat combined with fat chicken eggs, less fire shrimp and fat onion. One portion of the cakes is about 8 – 10, when eaten just hot and crispy, accompanied by papaya, spinach, sweet bowl of sweet and sour soup with many vegetables such as salads, broccoli, lettuce fish , Perilla, basil …

Enjoy seafood in Long Son floating village

Long Son Village in Long Son Island is not only a popular eco-tourism destination but also a place to enjoy fresh seafood at reasonable prices. If tourists are worried about Vung Tau tourism is attractive, then go to the village of Long Son to explore many interesting experiences such as boat sightseeing on the river, watching the fish swimming between the shelters. In the raft, fishermen catch fish in the mouth of the Rang River or visit the famous and famous Ly house of Tran – who has been instrumental in the exploration of this land. In addition, the seafood here is very rich, tastes delicious and is processed into various attractive dishes such as hotpot soup with pineapple and sour pineapple, grilled snails, grilled shrimp, grilled brown fish with chili salt Steamed crab, roasted crab meats, grilled cheese oysters …

Referring to the attractive experiences above, you will definitely have an exciting trip to Vung Tau with the chance to explore many famous sights, enjoy the beautiful beaches, enjoy the specialties and participate in many forms of entertainment.

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Explore Mia Nha Trang Luxury Resort


 Located between Cam Ranh Airport and Nha Trang City, Mia is a 5 star resort, opened in September 2011. The resort is built at two different elevations: the upper part as it was carved out of the mountain, halfway up at 60 meters high overlooking the peaceful sandy beach – this is also the location of the rest of the resort.

The resort was designed by architects Gary Fell and is built on principles that are eco-friendly. The Mia Resort features 50 breathtakingly landscaped living spaces in the backdrop of mountains, straight rocky terrain, and carefully landscaped gardens nestled alongside the sandy beaches of the bay. No exaggeration, but the beauty of this place is extremely incredible.

All rooms at Mia face the sea with eco-friendly design including grass roof. Materials are the ones from nature – very harmonious with the environment. Especially, from the bed you can overlook the sea, this will make your morning waking up more wonderful.

The hotel offers wonderful recreational facilities such as steam room, pool (kids), gym, spa, kids club to make your stay truly unforgettable after a day exploring the city. Mia Resort Nha Trang is highly appreciated and trusted by the guests, so if you do not book soon, it will be soon fully-booked.

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Top 3 Most Beautiful Islands in Nha Trang

In addition to famous tourist attractions at the heart of the city, the charming Nha Trang city fascinates tourists by stunning islands. Let’s discover!

Tre Island (Hon Tre Island)

Hon Tre Island is one of the largest islands and home to a significant number of amusement parks, resorts and spas in Nha Trang. In addition to Vinpearl Land, the island offers Con Se Tre tourist resort, Hon Tre cultural park, Bai Soi ecological tourist resort, Vinpearl villa and golf resort, and Bai Ran luxury resort.

Noticeably, the island is currently providing the cable car system connecting to Cau Da port. There, tourists are easy to access to tourist attractions within Nha Trang.

Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung island is also known as Ty island or Chot island. The island definitely grasps the eyes of tourists by the crystal blue sea water and smooth sandy beach for the first time that they step onto it. Although the beaches on the island are not as long and wide as those in Mui Ne and Nha Trang, they are so clean and clear that we can look through the bottom. Moreover, these beaches are shallow and gentle, so you will certainly admire colorful corals right at your feet if you are at chest-high water level. Especially, there are rocks of unique shapes, designs, and colors that promise to catch your attention when you see them.

The inhabitants of the island depend mainly on fishing, especially lobster farming for their livelihood. The local’s houses, built next to each other, offer the sea view. Additionally, the roads on the island are very clean.

To set foot in the stunning Binh Hung island, you will run along beautiful beaches, namely Binh Tien beach, Nuoc Ngot (Fresh Water) beach, Chuoi beach, and Kinh beach, in which you get on a boat to Binh Hung with the cost of 10,000 VND per person in 10 minutes. If you want to drive a motorbike on the island, you just need to pay 10,000 VND. Sounds cheap!

Binh Ba Island

Visiting Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, you definitely greet the charming sunrise and enjoy tasteful local specialities.

The exhilarating Binh Ba Island has attracted tourists with the pristine beaches of crystal blue water stretching over an area of 3 square kilometers. Additionally, the friendliness and hospitability of the local residents and fresh seafood of reasonable prices are worth mentioning.

The island is home to approximately a thousand households. In addition to 2 traditional livelihoods, namely aquaculture, and fish catching, the locals also earn their living by tourism business.

You can travel around the island by motorbikes and electric cars which cost 5$/turn and 10$/turn (for up to 10 people) per day respectively. Get there, you have a chance to see the “going” of the daily life of the locals that is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The island offers many guesthouses, homestays, and hotels, so you can choose a suitable one based on your needs and budget. The price of a room/day fluctuates from 2,5$ to 20$ depending on its conveniences. During the peak season, you should make a reservation to ensure that your room is available right you enter the hotel. Or, you might directly meet the landlord to hire rooms.

Binh Ba Island is one of the amazing destinations in Vietnam that features the earliest sunrise. To fully enjoy that heart – melting moment, you should wake up early, about 4 a.m to get to Chuong beach. Moreover, if you wish to hold a panoramic view of this beach, you might climb to the peak of the mountain.

The sun gradually rises over the beach, then colors a corner of the sky brilliantly red which features the immense blue sky and the pristine blue water. It must be an “alluring” scene that is powerful enough to touch your heart.

Bear in mind, the island itself is currently serving local tourists only.
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Explore Nghinh Phong Cape in Vung Tau


 Nghinh Phong Cape is located south of Vung Tau city shaped like the head of a giant crocodile. Located near the famous sights of Vung Tau such as Hon Ba, Statue of Christ the King … Nghinh Phong is also loved by tourists by two beautiful beaches are O Quak and Huong Phong. Some information about Nginh Phong cape that visitors should find out before starting the journey to explore Cape Vung Tau: 

About the cape of Nghinh Phong

Nghinh Phong means getting the wind, this is the longest stretch of land at the southern tip of Vung Tau. Called Nghinh Phong because the cape is the wind for four seasons. Located in a beautiful position with its back resting on the mountainside and facing the vast sea, the cap of Nghinh Phong divides the Vung Tau sea into two beautiful beaches named Huong Phong and Vong Nguyet.

Huong Phong Beach is also known as Bai Dai Beach or Bai Du Beach, which is quite small but one of the most popular tourist beaches in Vung Tau. Huong Phong’s attractions are beautiful natural scenery, diversified entertainment services and especially no waves, ideal for families with children. In particular, the sunset at Huong Phong beach is very charming, visitors should enlist the time to find a snout with open air to admire the moment when the sun sets down the beach.

Vọng Nguyet is also known as O Quan, which is one of the tourist destinations of Vung Tau attracting crowded tourists. Covered by majestic cliffs on three sides, Vong Nguyet still enjoys the wind blowing from the sea. Located at the foot of the Small Mountain, Vong Nguyet makes anyone who has ever been able to forget the wild landscape with clear blue water, clean white sand and majestic waves. True to the name Vong Nguyet (moonlighting), the night scene of the beach is no different from heaven on earth. In the quiet space in the evening, the moonlight and the stars in the morning light up, shining light to the sea, making the space bright. Although located in the inner city and possesses rare beauty but Vong Nguyet is less visited by tourists because the road is quite hard, visitors have to cross a steep hill.

No noise and noisy as Bai Truoc, Huong Phong and Vong Nguyet are not as crowded and violent as Bai Sau. Set the tour Vung Tau visit these two beaches, visitors will feel extremely calm and relieved. Not only that, from two beaches, visitors also admire the Statue of Christ the King – Asia’s largest statue of Jesus located at the top of Little Mountain.

Interesting experience at the cape of Nghinh Phong

Ownership area is not too large, about 1,000m2 but the cape of the Nghinh Phong offers visitors a lot of attractive experience. As well as being immersed in the cool, blue waters at the beaches, you can follow the trail back to explore the green forest or to Hon Ba Island located a few meters from the coast. This is the place where a shrine named Hon Ba was built by the fishermen to worship and pray before each sea trip. On the first and second lunar months, when the sea recedes, the road that connects Hon Ba Island to the mainland appears, attracting a great many locals and tourists trying to step through.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery on Hon Ba Island, you can climb to the top of the 176m-high Low Mountain adjoining the Statue of God, also known as the Statue of Christ the King or the Statue of Christ on the top of Mt. The statue has a height of 32 meters and a length of 2 arms of 18.4, built between 1974 and 1994. After climbing 1,000 steps leading from the foot of Mount Minor on the statue, visitors continue to conquer the 133 spiral steps inside the statue to stand on the Lord’s arm. From this position, visitors will be able to cover the panoramic coastal city of Vung Tau with two beaches Huong Phong and Vong Nguyet, the distance is Hon Ba and also the small boat is moving to visit Con Dao from Port Cat Worry. In 1993, the statue of Christ the King was recognized as a national historical-cultural monument. By 2012, the statue was established as the largest statue of Jesus in Asia.

Besides the Statue of God, Vung Tau also has many other famous spiritual destinations such as Quan Yin Buddhist Temple, Nirvana Tinh Xa, Temple of Tran Hung Dao … These locations are located near the cape of Nghinh Phong, du Guests only need to go along the Ha Long coastal road about a few kilometers to. Besides, visitors do not forget to visit other beautiful beaches located near the cape of Nghinh Phong like Bai Sau beach, Bai Truoc beach…

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