Do India Need Visa To Enter Vietnam 2024?


 Can citizens of India enter Vietnam without a visa in 2024?

For Indian passport holders making plans to visit Vietnam, arranging visas is a must-do. Obtaining a visa is the primary requirement for Indian citizens planning a trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements will remain unchanged till 2024.

Vietnamese Visa Waiver for Indian Nationals in 2024

Actually, a visa is not necessary for Indian passport holders who come to Phu Quoc Island via direct aircraft and whose stay on the island is less than 30 days. Only Indian nationals traveling to the island of Phu Quoc are exempt from Vietnam's visa requirements. Visa applications are also required in advance for Indian nationals planning to visit Phu Quoc Island or any other Vietnamese city.

Even while Indian citizens will still need a visa to enter Vietnam in 2024, the process of obtaining one has become much simpler. In order to travel to Vietnam, citizens of India can use the e-visa application that is accessible online.

The most efficient method for Indian nationals to obtain a Vietnam visa?

Following these procedures will help you apply for a Vietnam visa if you hold an Indian passport:

See for more information.

Submit your visa application online.

Once the processing time is over, the visa will be provided to you by email. Upon entering Vietnam, simply present it in printed form.

Just a heads up, getting a Vietnam visa with an Indian passport at the Vietnamese embassy has become a real pain since 2024. Obtaining a passport from India now requires a plethora of intricate paperwork and takes far longer than in the past. Hence, you should apply for your Vietnam visa online well in advance of your travel. With more time to work out any kinks, an early online application is preferable.

Important considerations for Indian passport holders applying for a Vietnam visa

The following are some things that Indian passport holders need to know in order to apply for a Vietnam visa:

Passport holders from India must ensure that their passports are valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of arrival in Vietnam before applying for a visa.

Indian citizens should save extra pages in their passports in case they need to add a stamp.

Travelers holding an Indian passport who intend to fly to Vietnam can use the visa-on-arrival (VOA) option, provided that they obtain a visa approval letter in advance of their trip.

Your date of birth in India must match the one on your passport to the letter.

The complete name must be used on the passport for India. It is irrelevant in what order your names are written.

Your passport number must look precisely as it does on your passport for India to accept it.

Vietnam will allow Indian citizens to enter the country after the arrival date on their visas. Nevertheless, India is not permitted to come prior to the entry date indicated on the visa.

Photos taken with a passport are required for Indian visa on arrival applications. No photo is required for entry into Vietnam from India if an electronic visa is used.

In conclusion, Indian nationals must apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Nevertheless, going online to is a breeze when ordering a Vietnam visa. Send us an email at if you need any more assistance with the visa process.